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Under-floor insulation

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Therma-Foil has been developed to insulate under Laminate & Solid Wood Flooring, Carpets, Vinyl and Linoleum

Therma-Foil insulation is extensively used with solid wood and laminate flooring, suspended floors, below carpet, Vinyl and Linoleum reflecting heat back into the room, at the same time improving air tightness by acting as a vapour barrier stopping airflow through drafty floorboards and resisting the passage of moisture.

Therma-Foil prevents heat loss, stop draughts and reduce floor noise making laminate, wood and vinyl & Linoleum flooring more comfortable to walk on.

Cold air penetrating rooms through concrete floors, timber floors and laminate floors has a significant impact on your home heating bills. Around 15% of heat is lost through cold floors in the home. Using Therma-foil around the home can enhance ‘U’ values in new build or refurbished building projects and helps meet and exceed current Building Regulations.

Therma-Foil is made from 2.5mm of polyester foam coated with a metalised barrier on one surfaces and provides additional sound proofing between floors and creates a more comfortable walking area – especially when used under laminate and timber floors.

Therma-Foil can be used on ground floors, upper floors, above unheated spaces such as garages and cellars and in rooms where rising cold air reduces home energy efficiency.

Fitting Therma-Foil insulation is simple. Laying it direct on to the timber or concrete floor. Then seal joints and edges with a joining tape. You can then lay your Laminate floor, Wood, Vinyl or Underlay and Carpets in the normal way as recommended by the manufacturers


Our dining room above our cold and damp cellar made the room unappealing to eat in as everyone complained their feet were cold. We fitted Therma-Foil under our laminate floor and we were astonished at the difference it made –not only were we surprised how much warmer the room was, but also how much softer and more comfortable the floor was to walk on. 

J Bales, Edinburgh

Placing Therma-Foil over the floorboards beneath the carpet throughout our house has stopped the cold drafts that were coming through the gaps – it was so easy to install and has saved us a fortune in energy bills.  It’s so much warmer and made the room feel more comfortable.

Sally Howard, Lytham

On moving into our apartment we soon realised that not only was our laminate flooring always cold but also the sound of us walking on it echoed throughout the rooms. Fitting Therma-Foil underneath has changed our lives – its now a much warmer home and much quieter  

Mrs M McNairn, Aberdeen


Therma-Foil Insulation under Wood Flooring

Wood flooring underlay is seen more of a necessity than an ‘optional’ purchase these days. Not only does Therma-Foil provide significant sound dampening qualities on hardwood floors but also helps to insulate the surrounding area. In addition, the physical barrier created by the Therma-Foil underlay provides comprehensive protection from dampness rising from your subfloor to your wood floor.

So, now you know the benefits of Therma-Foil Underlay, how do you install it?

Installation of Therma-Foil
Step 1

Sweep/vacuum any dirt, dust or other loose contaminants from the area where you are laying your Therma-Foil underlay. Also, any loose floorboards must be nailed down and protruding nails should be replaced or hammered in properly. Not doing so will create unevenness when laying the Therma-Foil underlay and reduce its effectiveness.
Step 2

When measuring and laying your Therma-Foil underlay, you must make sure you leave a 5mm excess to run up the wall. Remember it’s far easier to cut down, rather than adding on.
Joining Rolls: Joining lengths of Therma-Foil with tape, you should avoid gaps. The edges should be placed as close to one another or in some cases overlapped by 50mm-100mm before taping. We recommend that it should be stapled every 16” to 24” where possible.
Step 3

Once the Therma-Foil underlay covers the desired area, use single-sided carpet tape, secure all the joints and press firmly into place.
Step 4

Lay your wood flooring. Trim the underlay to the top of the wood floor and fit any accessories such as oak skirting.

N.B. Therma-Foil can be installed over joists and either, allowed to sag between the joists where it should be fixed with staples into the side of the joists, or keep the Therma-Foil taut across the joists and counter battened to accept flooring.

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